What We Do

We do it all, from crafting marketing collateral or writing an entire website to composing emails to generating microcopy. Unlike some copywriters, we don’t have an industry specialty. Everyone with a message needs excellent copy to spread it. With focused research, we write to sell and inspire in even the most esoteric fields and make your particular value-add unmissable.

With the advent of AI writing tools like Chat GPT 4, authentic writing has never been more valuable. Distinguish the core humanity of your brand narrative from robotic imitation. There’s no substitute for deliberate thought.

Looking ahead? Running behind? Jake strives to provide a hassle-free inquiry process and quick turnaround. Send a message with your details using the contact form and within two days you’ll have a precise quote.  

We price every copywriting project based on its scope and range, size of the business, and desired outcome. A five-page website averages $4000, which includes three 60 minute phone calls, subject research, market analysis, and three weeks worth of revisions. Smaller projects like email and newsletter copy begin at $300. 

Ways to Work Together

Website + Marketing

Drive sales with copy that harmonizes your brand and message.

Social + Email 

Be bold and clear in emails, newsletters, and social media posts. 

Academic + Literary 

 Speeches. Grant proposals. Articles. Manuscripts. Treatises. Don’t go it alone.

Our Approach:

“Say everything you need to and nothing more. Be inescapably clear."

- Jake Shifman


We're Experts at Creating Content That Connects.

We can't wait to help you level up.  Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward.